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Common Inspection Issues

MRT Home Inspections Article | by Tyler Cole

It is common at the onset of an inspection for the client to ask me "So, what are your going to be looking for?"  It is a question that is difficult to answer in brief due to the vast variety and scope of issues that may be encountered in a typical inspection.  The purpose of this slide show is to give you an idea of the most common issues that may be discovered:

The Power of Infrared

MRT Home Inspections Article | by Tyler Cole

When asked which tool of the trade is the most valuable for a home inspector, I immediately pull out my E5 Flir Infrared camera.  This wonderful device is critical in detecting plumbing leaks, roof leaks, radiant heating, as well as hot water and HVAC system temperatures.  The following slide show is a collection of some of the most common uses that infrared provides during the inspection process:

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